MPhA relies on the participation of members in our committees to help drive success in our mission.
A listing of our committees and a description of their purpose is listed below. 

Bylaws Committee
The Bylaws Committee shall review and propose changes to the Bylaws consistent with the mission of of the Association and policies of the Board of Directors.

Communications Committee
The Communications Committee reviews all channels of communications to members (e.g. social media, website, printed material, e-newsletters, Pharmacy Journal of New England; and assists staff in developing the content of member communications.

Convention and Conference Committee
The Convention and Conference Committee will assist in coordination of continuing education activities for the Association. Program Committee members will be asked to identify trending topics in the industry and needed areas for professional development in the pharmacy community, solicit speakers, and assist in marketing the program to colleagues and friends.

Ethics and Grievance Committee
The Ethics and Grievance Committee interprets and reviews the Code of Ethics of the Association and makes recommendations to the Board. When presented with allegations that a member has violated the obligations of the Bylaws or Code of Ethics of the Association, the Committee provides written notice of the charges against the member involved and provides the member with an opportunity for a fair hearing. The Committee promptly submits to the Board of Directors a written report of its finding of fact, recommendations and sanctions to be imposed (if any).

Finance Committee
The Finance Committe will review quarterly financial reports generated by the EVP; work with the EVP and MPhA staff to submit an operating budget for approval by the Board of Directors and advise the Board regarding recommended budgetary revisions. The Committee will coordinate efforts to pursue non-dues sources of income. Carry out fundraising activities at Association meetings, and advise the Board on investments.
Government and Legislative Affairs Committee
The Committee is to review all matters relating to the delivery of pharmacy services as they pertain to governmental programs; review legislation and regulations for its effect on the profession of pharmacy and provide input and guidance to the Association and its leadership; assist in providing legislative advocacy on behalf of MPhA to assure that positions of the Association are known to policy makers; draft legislation that promotes the profession of pharmacy and improves patient care; and advise the EVP and Board on where our lobbying efforts should be directed.

Membership Committee
The Committee members will assist the Association Office with efforts to recover lapsed members; to identify new and review current membership benefits and services; and to identify and recruit new members.

Nominations and Awards Committee
The Nominating & Awards Committee shall solicit nominations for each office and shall submit a slate of candidates and prepare a ballot consisting of not more than two (2) names of members for each of the following positions: President-Elect, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Nominating Committee shall further submit a slate consisting of not more than two (2) names of academy members for each Academy Governors’ position and at large Director. The Executive Vice President shall mail award nomination forms to each member of the Association. The Committee shall compile the names submitted and pick the recipient for each award. 

Professional Affairs Committee
The Committee shall review all matters of inter-professional and intra-professional relations including programs that will advance the professional practice of Pharmacy; recommend to the Board programs that create opportunities for pharmacists to provide one on one direct patient care; and research and assist the Association Office in submitting grants.