Massachusetts Pharmacists Foundation

The mission of the Foundation is exclusively charitable, scientific, and literary. It is a 501c3 organization. 

The Foundation strives to:

  • Promote the education of pharmacy students and pharmacists in the Commonwealth by providing scholarship and grant funds for educational purposes;
  • Encourage the advancement of the practice of pharmacy in the Commonwealth through the rendition of  services for the benefit of pharmacists, other health care professionals and the general public;
  • Promote the general welfare through the support of pharmacy outreach programs to the community, such as medication counseling programs, drug abuse and poison control lectures, and health programs for the elderly;
Contribute today and Invest in the Future of Pharmacy
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About the Foundation

The MPhA Foundation was chartered on January 30, 2002. Twenty-one Charter Club Members and four corporate sponsors each provided generous donations to provide the funds to begin the work of the Foundation. 

The Charter Club Members are: Brian A. Ambrefe, Lillian E. Ambrefe, Robert W. Ambrefe, Fay Ambrefe Omasta, Robert J. Audet, Herbert E. Capron, George J. Couchiaftis, Nicholas E. Creanza, Edward David, Gayle C. Dichter, Richard E. Frautten, Steven L. Grossman, Georgiann Koutrouba, Sophie M. McIntyre, David C. Morgan, Lazarus A. Pahigian, Adele H. Pietrantoni, Stanley Walczyk, Phillip I. Wizwer, and Mark L. Yorra. Corporate Donations were made by Eaton Apothecary, Louis & Clark Pharmacies, Western Massachusetts Pharmacists Association and MPhA.

Board of Directors

President              Trisha LaPointe

Director                 David Baker
Director                 Jayne Lepage
Director                 Kim Tanzer
Director                 Mark Yorra
Director                 Anita Young