Pharmacy Substance Use Disorder Program (PSUD)

The PSUD program became operational on Thursday October 5, 2017 when the Board of Pharmacy approved the Rehabilitation Evaluation Committee (REC) members.  The REC is an integral part of the PSUD Program and is its advisory arm.   The REC works in conjunction with the PSUD Program Supervisor and the participants to develop an Individualize Rehabilitation Plan (IRP) for each participant and also makes recommendations on operations which are forwarded to Board of Pharmacy for approval.

The PSUD program was part of legislation in March of 2016: The Acts of 2016 Chapter 52, an act relative to substance use treatment, education and prevention.  This became law with the promulgation of M.G.L. c 112, § 24 H to establish a rehabilitation program for Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacy Interns that is a voluntary, non-disciplinary alternative to traditional disciplinary actions. 

Please view the fact sheet with information on the program as well as how to make a referral.